About Us


At the beginning of 2012, with the name of Güntop Food and Tourism Corporation, Güntop moved to their own manifacturing facility with a good 1000 m2 closed area. Without sacrificing anything from the quality of the work being done, Güntop is succesfully meeting the demands of the fast changes in the global world by gaining the , ISO 9011 –ISO 22000 HACCP certificates. Güntop has registered its place in the field of Management Quality and Food Security. Also by the means of a new law coming out about the mass grocery trades, Güntop is now fully equppied to apply the Product Tag process that allows the product to be tracked from the production to the delivery.

Mission & Vision

OUR MISSION: To be the most favoured brand and to serve the top quality groceries to the firms we work with in the area we serve.

OUR VISION: To be the most trusted, strongest, most qualified, most favoured and the best food company in the area we serve.


GÜNTOP Gıda ve Turizm A.Ş. olarak müşteri istek ve beklentilerini en üst düzeyde karşılamak için bir ekip ruhu içerisinde çalışıyoruz. Her geçen gün kalite ve hizmet verimliliğimizi arttırıyor, bunun yanı sıra alıcımıza sağlıklı ve hijyenik ürünler sunuyoruz. Bu hizmeti yerine getirirken tedarikçilerimizi etkin bir şekilde değerlendiriyor, hammaddelerin teslim alınmasında, depolanmasında ve sevkiyatında yasal mevzuatları ve hijyen kurallarını harfiyen uyguluyoruz.

What We Do?

We start the process as you make your demands. From the most common fruit and vegetable to the most unknown tropical ones, we find them and upply them immediately. We choose the freshest the purest of the products and we pack them in our own facility depending on the legal programmes and hygenic issues. When the product is ready to deliver, we use our own professional fleet to bring it wherever you are at the shortest time possible. Our journey starts when the fruit is picked, continues with your gratification and it turns itsef into a life long friendship with your trust.